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Why choose Linajex?

Experience in Magento from year 2014. We were one of the first certificates in Magento M1, with more than 35 sucessful projects.

What is OpenMage

OpenMage es Magento M1 LTS (long term support) fork version, open source and free.


OpenMage is cheaper and it has higher performance than Magento M2 version.


We have more than 35 projects, Magento M1, Magento M2 and OpenMage migrations

What is OpenMage

On June 30, 2020, the end of Magento 1 and the mandatory migration to Magento M2 was announced./p>

After a few projects in Magento M2, we were not convinced by the platform.

Performance problems in post-sales. Increased costs and support for the end customer. Disproportionate infrastructures.

After a while the online community decided to make the old Magento M1 their own and develop an updated evolutionary one, OpenMage was born.

A system based on Magento M1, which contains all the advantages of this eCommerce, with a more modern feel, without losing the open source spirit

Why OpenMage

There are three main reasons to choose OpenMage over other options:

Magento M1 migration

If you already have an eCommerce with Magento M1 and want to update it, it is the simplest and cheapest way.

You can keep practically 100% of the old functionality, updating the parts you want.


Magento M1 is much cheaper than its counterparts. You have 100% control of the code and infrastructure.

No extras, no surprises, no licenses.


OpenMage has much higher performance than its competitors.

And we are not alone!! Performance analisys

Why Linajex

  • We have experience with Magento, 10 years working is quite a few.
  • We work and show our CVs
  • We are not only development experts. We carry out the systems and maintenance
  • We have made official payment modules for Magento (CecaBank)
  • We have migrated systems with high turnover to OpenMage (e.g. recently 2024 - GrupoSM)
  • We have experience in eCommerce. For example in Privalia and Grupo Sonae
  • We have security knowledge and implement ISO27001 and ISO27002


We are at your disposal to answer your questions about our services, expertise, prices, projects, etc.


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